Federal Interest Computer

This computer is a Federal Interest Computer.

Authorized Use Only

This site and all of its content is FOR AUTHORIZED USE ONLY. Any use or abuse of this site not explicitly authorized is unauthorized.

No Expectation of Privacy

The user of this computer has no expectation of privacy. We regularly monitor all input, content, and output of this computer and reserve the right to do anything legal with any of the information we gather.

No Solicitation

Unsolicited email and email that contains solicitation is NOT permitted. You are NOT authorized to SPAM this site or any of the users on this site.

Testing our Security

You are NOT authorized to test the security of this site, to scan it for security related issues in any way, to verify the appropriateness of its configurations, to validate that its passwords are hard to guess, or to perform any other actions that are not explicitly authorized herein.

Authorized Uses

You are authorized to use this site for the sole purpose of reading the material presented on it from a web browser that is connected to the Internet. You may NOT store or print the information contained without the permission of the owner of this site. The 'active content' (such as games, and so forth) is intended for your use through the normal Web browser interface. You may email to any of the legitimate user IDs on this system if you have a legitimate reason to do so that is not otherwise prohibited by this policy.

Our Response

It is our policy to respond automatically and/or manually to any and all detected attempts to violate any of the provisions of this policy. This response may, at our sole discretion, range over the entire gamut of legal actions.